For Your Marina...
Own or operate a marina and looking for a better way to manage your operations while empowering your customers?  If the answer is "Yes", then we would like you to meet MARIAH.    MARIAH is a unique cloud platform combining your marina business with your boat owner customers and providing a wealth of Internet and mobile apps that simplify management needs for your business and empower your customers with self-serve capability.

Operate multiple marinas?  No Problem! MARIAH provides the ability to network multiple locations together and easily manage all.

MARIAH can also be used as an extension of MarinaOffice, a leading marina management software solution.   The MarinaOffice software solution from Scribble Software provides direct integration allowing information to be exchanged in a way helpful to both the marina and the boat owner.  Visit for more information about the MarinaOffice suite of solutions.

For The Consumer...
MARIAH empowers consumer boat owners with the ability to directly interact with the marinas they do business with.   Gone are the days of having to make phone calls or pay bills by mail.   Easily sign in, view all account details, and take appropriate action as needed.

Wish to connect directly to your boat?  Simply subscribe to the integrated wireless online vessel monitoring app, MyBoatStatus, and monitor your boat from anywhere with any Internet enabled device.  Visit to sign up today!
Mobile And Internet Apps...
A major strength of the cloud platform MARIAH is the library of apps adding valued functionality to the system.  The core platform provides native features that both the business and consumer will find useful.  Extending the core feature set is where the additional Internet and mobile apps come into play.

Internet Apps: MARIAH includes the ability to subscribe to Internet hosted apps such as Paperless Billing, MyBoatStatus and On-line Bill Pay.  MyBoatstatus is a wireless online vessel monitoring system, giving both boat owners and marina operators the ability to monitor vital boat health.  On-line Bill Pay allows boat owners to securely pay bills from marinas .

Mobile Apps: MARIAH also provides mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.  These apps include business apps such as MeterWalk, a utility meter reading and dock inventory verification.
Connect To Your Boat...
MyBoatStatus is a revolutionary wireless monitoring platform providing a reliable, easy to use, and low cost monitoring solution.

Ensure the healthy status of your vessel with over 40 different sensors including water detection, battery health, shore power, temperature, and motion detection using any online connected device.  Monitor and connect to your boat from anywhere with any Internet enabled device.  Easily monitor your vessel even if Internet access is not available on your boat with the cellular gateway.  The MyBoatStatus cellular gateway ensures automatic and consistent vessel monitoring.
MyBoatStatus seamlessly interfaces with MarinaOffice, a leading marina management software solution.  This allows marinas operating with the MarinaOffice management solutions to be notified when alerts are triggered due to scenarios such as taking on water.